Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekly Forecast

Last week was pretty good. I was fairly productive & had a few really good job search days. I was also more active than usual: I went for an inspiring walk, kept up with my daily yoga & went skating last night. I didn't create much, but I did fill a few sketchbook pages. I even pulled out my light box & took lots of photos of new items to list in my Etsy shops.

I'm definitely planning for this week to be more of the same! Here's the plan:
  • JOB SEARCH! Everyday & for more than a couple hours each day!
  • go for a walk & enjoy the weather
  • work on folding my Map Project - I want the folding to be interesting & reveal different art on the back
  • list something new in each shop, each day
  • paint & spend some quality time with my sketchbooks
  • cook a healthy meal each day
I was really happy with my blogging again last week & want to keep it up. The only thing I didn't do was open up registration for ACEO-X 4.0... I was going to do it late in the week, but thought it would be better to start it early in the week. So look out for that tomorrow, as well as:
  • updates on my yoga challenge, Map Project & 31 Skirts
  • a look at one of my coffee table books
  • a peek at the process I go through to make an ACEO
  • a new science post over at Science Byte
I hope everyone has a great week!

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