Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Creative Space

Here are the next few pages from my SMASH book - some pages are complete, most are works in progress.
For more creative spaces, head on over here.


Angie said...

ooo Lovely smashes*!!

I've read Sarah's Key...SO good. I think it should be the top of your list, it's an amazing read and so captivating.

Katherine said...

I'm actually reading Sarah's Key right now and I'm...not so impressed. I guess my issue is that instead of writing a good non-fiction book about an event that actually happened (the Vel' d'Hiv roundup), it's kind of a melodramatic novel with a real life event as its backdrop. All of the scenes with the present-day journalist felt awfully contrived and self-indulgent. I would have rather had, as I said, a straight non-fiction book about the Vel' d'Hiv roundup. I went into it thinking it was non-fiction, and then realized it was marked on the cover as "novel." Oops.

But so my comment isn't entirely Negative Nancy, I really enjoyed Blink. A lot. I think it's a book everyone should read.

Another book that touches more on the neuroscience of Blink is Gerd Gigerenzer's Gut Feelings.