Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Creative Space

So last week, here's where we left off my latest painting:
I had thought I would paint it sky blue, which would work well if my subject were a bird breaking free from a cage. This would symbolize my taking that next big step into the future. But then I started mixing paint & ended up with rich eggplant, grape & indigo:
It still looked like a sky to me - only the story I was trying to tell now began with a dark & stormy night. I liked how this fit with the uncertainty I had been feeling while beginning the piece.

The inking I layered on next tried to play up the night sky.
When it came to sketching out my bird breaking free though, I was stuck. I didn't want it to look like all the other birds listed on Etsy (they're quite the popular theme). So I Googled some "plunging bird" images & sketched away. It all came together one night while I was lying in bed, almost falling asleep. Wouldn't it be neat - different - if the viewpoint of my painting was from inside the cage instead of outside?
I wanted it to look like you're sitting in the cage, looking out at your sibling take her first plunge out the open cage door. I thought seeing the bottom of the bird would be an interesting perspective.
I painted my bird in shades of tan & camel, with an orange beak & legs.
I still need to add some details to the bird, but she's starting to take shape nicely.
Next up: the cage! Or perhaps a tree or nest? What do you think?

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the rikrak studio said...

so fabulous to see your amazing process 1st hand!

thanks nicey!
& thanks for being part of the blog-a-thon today, cutie!

Kat said...

Cool textures! fun to see the work in progress and how it evolved from what you originally thought it was gonna be. Happens to me all the time!