Saturday, September 4, 2010


I made an apron this week!
I semi-followed a pattern from the book One-Yard Wonders - the pattern had a ruffle over top a plain apron front. I decided to make the apron a ruffle instead: I made the apron as wide as I could & attached it to a waistband with a smaller width. I like the way the gathering allows the apron to fall.I also decided to make this a reversible apron. One side with a stripe:One side with 2 asymmetrical pockets:
I love the pattern of this fabric: Spoons in pink & aqua by Elizabeth House (part of the Lizzy Dish collection). It contrasts really well with the navy fabric (randomly found on sale at a fabric shop).
So...... I botched the one seam attaching the ruffled apron to the waistband... but not so badly. It's still usable. I'm kind of glad I messed it up actually - I really want to keep it for myself!

Expect to see some of these in my sewing shop soon!

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