Sunday, September 19, 2010

Autumn 2010 Colour Palettes

I picked up some make-up this weekend - nailpolish in pewter, eyeliner in olive - and got to thinking about fall colours. I recall making a fall colour palette before - it was something I wanted to put together seasonally, but promptly forgot about it. So why not start again now?

This fall, I'm obsessed with grey. It has always been my favourite neutral & is a huge part of my wardrobe. Which is why I gravitated towards this gorgeous shade of polish by Sally Hansen, called black platinum.

It's dark, but has a great blue iridescent tint. I'm not a fan of doing my finger nails (as opposed to my toes), but I do love this:
And my shirt is just another example of the grey in my wardrobe. This is my newest shirt - one I picked up at the Roger Waters concert I went to last week (don't mind the track pants & bed hair).
I always regretted not picking up a Neil Young one when we went to his concert, so I had to grab one this time.
Of course I went with the gray one. It was definitely the coolest one. Obviously.

Anyway, back to the palettes. Let's start with the grays. Here are some of my favourite shades - with hints of teal & brown:
Grey can be a little washed out & casts a dull hue on brighter shades. Personally, I think this faded look is perfect for fall, but greys can pack a punch too. Here's a similar grey palette, with slightly bolder shades:

Not bad - I particularly like that sage. But enough with the greys. The following is my official Autumn 2010 colour palette:

I chose to keep the teal and steel shades of grey as I think they complement the olive, berry wine & dusty camel quite nicely. So these are your must-have colours this fall! Feel free to mix & match - grey is so versatile it looks great with anything!

What's your favourite hue this fall?

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