Tuesday, September 7, 2010

An Eventful Weekend

When we go home for a long weekend, it's usually pretty busy - hanging out with my family, Pat's family, friends - but this weekend was particularly crazy! So first, here is what we were planning on doing:
  • drive home Thursday night & sleep at Pat's parents' place
  • head to my place Friday with Pat's camping gear - my younger brother John, my dad & my nephew Dustin will have already left in one boat that morning - Pat will head out with my older brother Matt once he gets home from work - they camp all weekend & come home Monday
  • Saturday mom & I go shopping - Sunday we sort through old pictures - evenings I was planning on partying with my sister-in-law Terri-Anne & her one friend who was staying over for the weekend
Instead, here's what went down:
  • we did drive home Thursday & stay at Pat's parents' - it rained most of the way
  • Friday looks nice - no rain, still pretty warm (though not as hot as it had been) - Pat gets all his gear together & we head to my place. As we unpack the car, who walks by? John. JOHN? They were supposed to have left 2 hours earlier... My dad's motor "blew up" so they had to unpack the boat & repack a smaller boat. By this time, Matt's home & his boat gets packed too. Off they go.
  • A few hours later, Terri-Anne gets a text from Matt: she has to go pick him up at another camp down the road - HIS motor "blew up" too! Luckily, someone saw them & towed them to the camp. Matt had to get the truck to pull his boat out of the water. In the meantime, dad & John are half way across the lake when they realize the second boat - with all the food - isn't coming. They turn around & come back. It's too late to make the trip out that night.
  • Matt looks at his motor & finds out the fuel line wasn't plugged in all the way - there was nothing wrong with his motor - they could have made it out Friday night. Oops.
  • MEANWHILE, my 3-year-old nephew Edward has to be taken to the hospital Friday night. He had stepped on something & it was infected. BAD. The bottom of his food was swollen with a big bump & there was redness streaking up the side of his heel. NOT GOOD. The doctor was quite concerned. Poor little Eddy had to get an IV for antibiotics (& it took 3 tries to get the IV in - once in each hand then finally in his arm). Then the doctor stabbed a needles into his foot a couple times to numb it - Terri-Anne said he wasn't exactly gentle. He cut open the wound with a scalpel, then stabbed it with a needle some more, then used some scissors to open it wider. He rinsed it all out, packed the wound & told them to come back Saturday night. Edward has to keep his foot up, not walk on it & keep his arm straight since they left the IV shunt in too...
  • Saturday morning it's raining. The guys decide to head out anyway; they've anticipated this weekend all year; there's no stopping them now. Of course, it rains all day - mom & I go shopping. That night, we get texts from them telling us how cold & wet they are. They should have stayed home.
  • I went to the hospital Saturday night with Terri-Anne. Edward's foot is looking much better (if it hadn't, the doctor would have had to put him to sleep & cut it open more). He gets more antibiotics & his wound cleaned. The nurse tries to repack it without any freezing (slowly trying to shove some gauze into the cut...). He squirmed a bit, but didn't cry or yell or anything - TOUGH little guy! Since the doctor said not to push it though, she didn't end up packing the wound, just covered it. He has to come back again Sunday night...... the IV shunt stays in his arm. Needless to say, there wasn't much partying going on at night.
  • Sunday is a nice day. The guys actually have a good time - though they don't get to go fishing (too windy). Mom & I sort through old pictures. Eddy is running & jumping around as usual - sore foot & IV shunt be damned. He goes in for one more dose of antibiotics & finally the shunt is removed.
  • The guys come back Monday. They were going to be up at 6am & see us in the morning. It's actually nice early morning, so they take their time packing the boat. Then they notice the clouds rolling in & leave in order to beat the rain. They might have too except..... Matt's motor breaks. Dad's small boat has to tow him, all the way across the lake. And of course the wind picks up because the rain is coming, so they have to go extra slowly through the waves. It rains, hard. They get soaked, especially since they had packed the rain gear away while it was still sunny that morning. They don't get home until almost 11. But they were all smiles - they had a great time despite everything.
  • Edward? He's on antibiotics for 10 days - drugs that might cause diarrhea & dizziness ...... and he's supposed to start school on Thursday. Poor little guy - he was so looking forward to school & now he might miss his first week! Plus, he has a tooth pulled today, so he'll have a sore mouth. Poor little man!
So ... we had a busy weekend that's for sure! I'm exhausted, even after going to bed early last night... it'll definitely be a slow day for me, preparing for Pat's birthday evening.

What did you do this long weekend?

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Nicole's Homemade Treats...The Blog said...

WOW - CRAZY!!! Poor Eddy and a tooth pulled too!!!

What did I do? Hmmm... Alot!