Sunday, September 19, 2010

A day in the kitchen

I spent the day in the kitchen!

I made apple pancakes for breakfast. I learned a trick for perfectly browning them: keep the heat on low!

They were incredibly moist... but I hate grating apples!

I also made some bread. Look at it rise! It's this grape-rosemary focaccia I found on the Smitten Kitchen to be exact.

Pretty seasoning!

I loved the grapes, raw sugar & bread ... but the rosemary & sea salt wouldn't be my first choice of complement if I made it again.

The bread itself was quite delicious & fun to make though.

I had it for dinner with some breaded sole, salad & rice.

Yum! Next up, I'm planning on making loads of apple muffins. Some with raisins, some with almonds, some with pecan, some with carrots.... any other ideas?

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