Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Five

So Pat & I left last night for our parents' - Pat's going on my dad's traditional Labour Day weekend camping trip with my brothers. I'm staying with my mom & sister-in-law - I'd rather not spend the weekend on a deserted island, thanks.

Anyway, I had a busy week:
  1. Muscle baths at work again all week. But I think I'm done with that part of my project now!
  2. I baked some butternut squash. It didn't go over well with Pat & I didn't really like it either... I have another one, so I'm either going to mash it or make it into a soup. I need to try a different texture because it wasn't agreeable just like that.
  3. I made an apron! More on that tomorrow, but here's a peek at the pretty pattern:
  4. I had lunch on Wednesday with my friend Sharon, whom I visited in Calgary when we trekked out West. We were in biopharm together for our undergrad but she moved out to Calgary for her Master's - I rarely see her, so it's really nice when we get a chance to meet up. We had some yummy Thai & had a good chat.
  5. I listed lots of fall & Halloween tags this week - this set is one of my favourites:
Have a great long weekend everyone!

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