Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Tudors

I really don't watch TV - actually, I almost never turn it on. I didn't even have cable until Pat moved in. He'll have it on most evenings - the news, business news, football, hockey, UFC - but we don't really watch much else.
Except for one series I've been obsessed with (in a healthy manner). The Tudors, starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers is amazingly good - I think it's the dose of reality that makes it truly riveting. There's nothing more dramatic than history. One of my favourite parts is the period clothing.
Since the fourth & final season is playing here in Canada (started last Wednesday), I thought it would be fun to make up a treasury with The Tudors theme. Click on over HERE to check it out. That Anne of Cleves doll in the first spot is uncanny in her resemblance to the girl in the show!

I can't wait for this final season - even if some girl on the bus told me it was a little disappointing.
What TV shows are you watching this fall?

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