Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Five

I had a really busy week! Here's what I was up to:
  1. Sunday, I bought the domain name for my blog... of course, I didn't set it up properly & my blog was offline for awhile there. I asked Pat to help & he did ... but he prefers the "wait & see" approach, so it took him 2 days before double checking if he did it right. He just admitted that he had suspected he had done it wrong........ grrrrr. BUT, everything is working now (& it took 2 seconds for Pat to fix it today). So change your bookmarks to!
  2. I hosted the coffee house at St. Joe's on Tuesday. Free coffee for grad students!
  3. I TAed the first biopharm lab of the year. We went over dilutions & pipetting. I'm looking forward to the year ahead.
  4. I made a pear crisp - my first time baking pear. It was quite delicious, with the same consistency as apple. I was afraid it would be mushier, but not at all! Yum!
  5. I saw Roger Waters play The Wall. WHAT AN AMAZING CONCERT!!!

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