Sunday, September 12, 2010

25 Things

Lists. Everyone loves making lists, right? I see them on blogs all the time - they're quick, easy & fun. Lately, I've noticed quite a few people making a "# of things to do before I turn #" list & I thought it was a great idea. I made this list a few months ago, before my 24th birthday. I figured I would make it "25 things to do before turning 25" in order to give myself some time to complete the things on the list. And yes, I added stuff that I knew for sure I'd be doing over the summer so that I would definitely cross a few things off...

So here's my list. I wasn't going to post it at first, but I've realized that's only because I was nervous about not completing everything. I didn't want to post these lofty goals & then proceed to forget about them / fail. But the very act of posting this list makes it more real - and makes me more likely to actually try to accomplish these tasks I've set out. I'll try to revisit it every few months to keep track of my progress.

25 things to do before turning 25:
  1. turn an old book into a new masterpiece
  2. find a PhD position - or a job
  3. write a story - edited & worthy of publication (or at least reading)
  4. shoot a gun
  5. ride a horse
  6. practice yoga daily
  7. wear a bikini in public (& feel confident doing it)
  8. visit a province other than Ontario & Quebec
  9. have a successful craft show
  10. stock up my sewing shop
  11. make myself a dress - and wear it
  12. take a dance class
  13. try squash (the sport)
  14. find a fruit farm & pick fruit off trees
  15. design a logo for all 3 shops & have a custom stamp made (use it to personalize packaging)
  16. get my passport
  17. visit another country (besides the US)
  18. walk, then bike, up Hamilton mountain
  19. learn to speak another language
  20. speak at a conference
  21. become diligent with recycling & the green bin
  22. get dressed up & go out for drinks, dancing or something equally fancy
  23. have a night out with my sister-in-law
  24. visit an art gallery or museum I've never been to before
  25. visit St. Jacob's market
So I've crossed out those that I completed this summer. I got my passport before our trip out West - where I visited another province (Manitoba, Saskatchewan & Alberta), rode a horse & wore my bikini in public. Pat & I even dressed up & went out for a fancy dinner while in Banff.

Things I'm working on: #1, #6, #10 & #21. I want to complete #14 this month sometime too.

Wish me luck! Some of these items aren't looking too likely to be crossed off by next August... all I can do it try my best!

Have you made a similar list?
Share it (or parts of it) in the comments - I love seeing what others are challenging themselves to do.

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