Saturday, September 18, 2010

Apple Picking

I went apple picking today (thus crossing off #14 on my 25 things list)! We went to Puddincombe Farms & Winery this afternoon & picked a 10lb bag of apples:We chose a variety of what was in season: red & golden delicious, granny smith, empire, mutsu, fuji, spy & McIntosh. I have so many (I've already eaten one before these pictures were taken)!I need to find some new apple recipes - I want to try these pancakes, this baked pancake & some muffins (though I'll probably wing the recipe on those)...

We also did a little wine tasting while we were there. I really liked the raspberry wine - and I don't really like wine - so we picked up a bottle. Looks like we're having wine & cheese with a baguette for dinner tonight.

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Sisu Studios said...

I just bought apples yesterday to bake a pie! These look yummy!