Thursday, August 7, 2008

Fall 2008 Colour Palettes

I had some colours bouncing around in my head and they needed to be let out... in an orderly manner, of course. I've already spoken about the site COLOURlovers, and so I headed right there tonight when I couldn't stop thinking: burgundy is the colour this fall. So when I saw a few items on Etsy pairing gray and burgundy, I knew I had to make a palette.

And why not a Fall 2008 palette? These are colours that I think are (or at least should be) going to be hot this fall. When I got to the site and started choosing colours... I just had to make two different palettes. One bold, above and one cool, below.
When I first thought of which colours to include, I knew I would pair the burgundy with hot pink as well as the gray. Hot pink is playing a large part in my current wardrobe, so it was a must. I love burnt orange and mustard yellow for the fall, but didn't have the room for both if I wanted to include a juicy brown. And I think brown is still going to be trendy this season... I chose a saucy colour with orange undertones.

As for the second palette, I've always been a big fan of olive green, turquoise, violet and gray. So that was the inspiration. And starting out, I thought of winter, and snow, so the pale pink reflect that and cools off the other colours.

The way the site works has you moving around sliders to choose the colour you want (unless you know the hex value... and if you do... nerd!). This give the whole process a creative edge, letting you play around with it until you get the perfect match. And so in my search for the perfect olive, I found a leafy green. Turquoise yielded teal and a periwinkle actually gave me that gorgeous indigo. I'm quite pleased with how they both turned out. Now only buy things in these colours this fall, ok?


Unknown said...

Mmmm... I love those colors. Bold but sophisticated. Thanks for the tip about that site too, I've got to go check it out!

Liz said...

nice, thanks for the link will defo go to have a play!

Victoria Ann said...

Wow, what an interesting entry, I love the colour pallets ,going to check out the link too. IT,s an excellent way for me to create some structure with seasonal collections. My little brain is buzzing now.
I am sure to visit you again:)

madboodesigns x

Rocki Adams said...

Thanks for sharing this - I'm off to check out the links now :)