Friday, August 1, 2008

I Won!!!

I love giveaways! Getting the chance to win cute stuff is so exciting ~ and it's always fun whether you win or not!

Yesterday afternoon I was lurking in the forums when I can across a thread for free earrings by missyandme... All you had to do was be the first to post on page 40 or page 80. There were about 4 posts on page 1 when I stumbled upon it. I commented right away... and kept on commenting all night. It took 3 hours to get to page 40 - and I WON! I was SO excited! I chose these earrings:I can't wait to get them.

So last night I went to bed with mixed feelings. I was elated I had won these, but a little disappointed I hadn't sold anything during my showcase sale yesterday. This morning, I feel better. I still think the showcase was worth it ~ I got a lot of views and a few hearts and comments. So I'm glad I have another showcase coming up next week. I'll definitely have another sale, so if anyone missed out on this one don't worry!

Getting an email this morning telling me I had won this sure helped make me feel better too:
Isn't it darling? When I got the email from Janet, I had no idea what I had won! It had been a while since I'd signed up. And am I ever glad I did! I love this painting! The fact that I grew up in Northern Ontario (not that there were polar bears in my backyard, but we would get lots of snow) and have 2 brothers makes it all that much more significant to me. Plus, my sister-in-law has 3 children, so this might make a perfect Christmas gift too.

But until Christmas, I'm going to enjoy having this gorgeous work of art in my living room.

Why don't you go check out Janet's shop, aplanetnamedjanet? My favourite from her shop is this dancing robins painting.

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Kelly said...

Congrats on winning the earrings!

Also, thanks for the excellent comments on my blog. I like your idea of making the nest b/w and then adding some color in the bird. Also, I agree and I think I'll leave the O a different color. Thanks again. Really good suggestions!