Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Alright, folks ~ I've secured another showcase, and it's TODAY!!!! And that means I'm having another 50% OFF sale! That's 1/2 off everything in store, including shipping!

Go check it out! Can you find my shop? I'll help you out... I'm currently showcasing these amazing woven earrings:I love these earrings. They're extremely light, even though they're large beads (18mm). And the silver and black thread looks wonderful against the dark gunmetal silver earwires.

However, I might switch it up during the day... so you might also have to look for these gorgeous brocade earrings:These beads are perhaps the most exquisite I have ever come across. The AB polish on the jet beads make the raised brocade pattern shimmer with that gasoline-on-water look that I love. I remember first noticing that gold-green-indigo-violet rainbow in puddles in the driveway when I was young, and I wished I could somehow take that beauty inside with me. Now you can. As a bonus, these earrings capture an old-world magic found in brocade and other vintage fabrics.

Just one more item here to keep an eye out for, in case I want to change it up again... my lush necklace and earring set:
More gorgeous beads and a lovely flower pendant for a combination that is sure to make you feel like a million bucks.

Don't miss out!!! If you had your eye on anything in my shop, now is the time to get it at half off!!!!

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