Monday, August 25, 2008

Farmer's Market Finds

We went to a farmer's market this weekend (apparently there are quite a few in and around Hamilton) and I picked up some farm-fresh goodies. Lets start with the veggies. First, some yummy tomatoes. They're really firm and delicious.
Amazing cucumbers ~ I love them so much when they're this size / type. So tasty with just a bit of salt and pepper (same could be same for the tomato). But of course, most of these will be eaten in my tomato and cucumber salad. Yum!
We also picked up some delicious yellow beans that we've been munching on raw.

Pat prefers yellow over green beans. I can sort of tell the difference between the two, but they both taste pretty much the same to me.

Now on to the fruit. When we arrived at the market, it was 2pm, one hour until close. So we hit "power hour." Which means I bought all these plums:And all these apples:For $5.25! That's over $9 in fruit! I was excited! We got a pint of mixed plums, which is fun, and the seller added in another pint of the red plums. We also got a bushel of scrumptious, tart, hard apples.

We also picked up some blueberries ~ not the regular, large kind you find in the supermarket, but the original, smaller, wild blueberries. From Sudbury, no less!!
(Sudbury is about 30 minutes from my parents house, so these are the berries they would be buying on the side of the road ~ if my mom wasn't picking them herself.)

Since Pat had his last 2 wisdom teeth removed on my birthday, I made him a smoothie with the blueberries:It was really tasty ~ and such a beautiful colour!

Now, last but not least, my birthday cake... a couple days late because we went for DQ ice cream cake on my birthday instead of icing this cake:I almost blew out all the candles in one breath.Anyone want a piece? I still have lots...

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