Thursday, August 14, 2008

Random Goodies: Updated!

1. ACEO Swaps

ACEO, or art cards, editions and originals (sometimes just called art cards or art trading cards - ATC), are small pieces of art that are highly collectible. They are specifically 2.5x3.5", just like baseball cards, or other trading cards (Pokemon anyone?). I've recently started a collection of these, and I thought a good way to build on it would be to do some ACEO swaps. The first I stumbled upon was in the Etsy forums: The great ACEo swap thread. That begins Sept 1st, so there's still time to sign up if you're interested!

Next, I came across MAMMA (Maggie's Monday Musings) a great flickr group that has weekly challenges / themes for their ACEO swap. Now weekly may seem like a lot of work, but you don't have to participate each time. This week's challenge was to use 5 specific items to create your ACEO. These items are: bubble wrap, wood, star, flower and staple. Here's what I came up with:
As I usually do for my art pieces, I started with recycled cardboard and covered that with this really neat black and tan pattern. This paper was recycled from some packaging I received. So was the textured red card I used for the back of the ACEO.
I used staples to hold on some bright purple bubble wrap (also from Etsy seller's packaging) and glued on some green fibers, red felt flower (which has a paper and crystal flower centre) and star (which has a wooden star on it) and some red sprigs shooting out of the star. I signed and dated the back, right over the staple. I called it "Wrap Star" and will be swapping with someone this weekend!

2. Free ArtThis gorgeous chickadee print was offered free with purchase from Natural Historie. I bought a beautiful birthday card that I'm reluctant to use. I may just give it to Pat so that I can display it in my apartment, then keep it for my crafting. I just placed this bird print on one of my shelves for now.. but I plan on framing it and hanging it on my living room wall. I finally got around to hanging my diploma, which freed up some wall space due to rearranging. So I have room to hang a collection of small prints, and this one is one of the first.I also recently received this wonderful painting in the mail. I won it from Janet (aplanetnamedjanet) and it's so perfect! I love the wintery scene, it reminds me of my childhood in Northern Ontario. On top of that, I had 2 brothers, so this really, really reminds me of the three of us. AND (!!!) my mom has 3 grandchildren right now (my brother has 3 kids)... so the significance of this piece is really tremendous! I'm thinking of giving this as a Christmas gift.. but it looks so adorable on my shelf...
Please note: we did not have polar bears in our backyard! We aren't that far North! But my parents did have a mom and baby black bear in the big oak tree in the front yard... they stayed for 3 days last October. My dad finally scared them off with a pellet gun. They were afraid one of the dumb hicks would come shoot them in the middle of the night, all the neighbors kept joking about it / giving dad advice on how to do it.. NO way was my mom going to let anyone hurt those bears. Especially after she had named them.

3. Angels

Speaking of that shelf... I love this collection of Willow Tree faceless angel (sold at Hallmark stores.. and possibly elsewhere). I've already shared pictures of my Angel of Courage. That angel was my late grandmother's, and I got her when she passed away. One of her arms and her head had been glued back on (before I got her), but she still looks just fine. Here are the other 4 that make up my collection:

Both of these I got from my mom. The smaller one on the right is actually an ornament and has a loop to hang. She's the Angel of Learning. When I graduated this year, I got Wisdom, the angel with the book open.This one I admit I bought myself. Not something you would typically get yourself, but when I saw her holding the sweet little bunny, I couldn't resist. She's the Angel of Protection. I love these angels (even though I'm not religious) and I can't wait to continue adding to my collection.

4. Awesome Blog

Check out this great blog, then and now. An artist is featured each day, showing a picture of one of their first pieces followed by a photo of their latest. It's really cool to see the evolution of the artist. Check it out - I was featured yesterday!

5. Ice Cream (you scream, we all scream for ice scream, you scream...)Corn syrup is amazing on vanilla ice cream.

Time for lunch!


6. Treasury!

I just got a treasury, completely by surprise! Go check it out!

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DreamON said...

Great, wonderful post. You've got me psyched to create an ACEO using those materials.