Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Etsy Feature: aprettyrock

Remember back when I was taking part of the 90 in 90 challenge.. where I was supposed to feature a great Etsy shop each day for 90 days? Well, I started at a bad time, because by the time I got around 30, I was knee-deep in thesis writing and defending, and my last semester before graduation. Needless to say, my blog and shop suffered. And I gave up on the challenge way too soon.

Now, during the summer, I picked my shop back up and started posting on my blog again. Although I love featuring Etsy shops now and again, it's too much for me to do one everyday. If I did that, this blog would never be about my crafting or my recipes or my life. And it is still my blog. So I haven't taken up the challenge again. I'm pretty sure I let everyone know I wasn't taking part anymore. And I hadn't heard anything about it until today.

Someone taking part in the challenge featured my shop. Go check out aprettyrock's blog ~ it's really great. I love her 101 list ~ 101 things to do in 1001 days. I'm not sure where she thought this up, but I think it's genius. I've started making up my own list.. I'm at 73 things, but I should be able to make it to 101 pretty easily. Just another way to get myself to complete my goals.

OK, enough rambling about me. This is a feature, all things considered. And I will be featuring Yazmin from aprettyrock. Her jewelry shop is superb! But you know what I like even better? Her supplies shop, RockStash, where I've definitely made a recent purchase (before she featured me). I was in need to some Swarovski crystals. The one's I'm most excited to get are shown above - light colorado topaz rondelles.

But, I'm sure not everyone gets as excited about supplies as me. For you, there is aprettyrock, Yazmin's jewelry shop. She has some really unique designs, you're sure to find something just for you. Here are just a few of my favourites:

This flora button ring is beautiful! I've never seen a button like this blue mother of pearl one. Get one in your size today!

I also love this garden cluster bangle. It features Israeli-faceted citrines, olive dyed coral, coppery red pearls and golden keishe freshwater pearls. A perfect fall selection! The coiled wire add a cool design that is sure to catch everyone's eye. Make sure you remember where you got it ~ I'm sure you'll be asked over and over!

These cluster hoop earrings are perfectly sparkly for all your evening wear needs. The cluster is made up of onyx and jet-coloured crystal, and hangs from a twisty, bright sterling silver ring. Simple, yet one of a kind and absolutely striking!

OK, so those earrings were going to be the last item I showed you before sending you off to Yazmin's shop. Guess what? I couldn't resist showing you one more item. This time, a stunning necklace.

This cluster design is a signature of aprettyrock, with golden beads wrapped with the wire around a ring. A cluster of light aqua prehnite dangles below. This makes a great statement, and would look beautiful on a blushing bride, don't you think?

OK, now you can go check out Yazmin's shop. I won't tempt you with anymore of my favourites before you go pick out your own. Have fun! And don't forget to take a peak at her blog and website!


Yazmin said...

Thanks Amanda! What a great feature. :)

kim* said...

nice items

Kylie Bowers said...

Wonderful feature.
You also have a beautiful Shop!

Rock and Fossil Depot said...

You have very beautiful jewelry and a wonderful blog.

melissa said...

nice picts!