Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Birthday Gift

My mom mailed me my birthday parcel yesterday at 2 pm from the small post office in the rural town where I grew up. Now, granted she sent it express, but it arrived at noon today! I think that's incredibly fast!

I called her right away and opened the box. I have 3 gifts from mom and dad, a card from my younger brother and a gift from my older brother and sister in law. There was also a gift for Pat from my parents (his birthday is Sept 7) and a small gift for the two of us: some birthday napkins, candles and a gift card for Dairy Queen. So, although Pat took my birthday off to go to the dentist and was planning on baking me a cake, I might just tell him to go get me an ice cream cake instead. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

But I have to wait until I'm on the phone with her on the 21st to open the gifts. ARG!

Anyway, after making up my birthday wish list, I really needed some retail therapy. I know, I have a problem. All the things on my list were a little (or a lot) out of my price range though, so I did some shopping at AnnieandOlive instead. I fell in love with their pretty heart pendants almost a year ago, so I thought it was about time to get myself one. Or two, as it turned out.

My first love was Sarah, shown above. The delicate pinks, green and flowers really scream me. But of course, who goes shopping without browsing? And I admit, I've browse through this shop on many, many occasions. I love Gretchen, and Mary was soooooo tempting, she kept drawing me back. And since Sarah is a pendant, I was really considering this orange crush pin, you know, for something a little different. Plus the orange is perfect for Halloween...

But in the end (OK, and after some help from my friend jellybeans), I decided to also get Dorothy, another stunning little heart pendant: So, assuming I love these as much when I get them as I do now, I'm sure I'll be a returning customer. There are just so many I want ~ and the solid felt ones are adorable too. I'll probably go with a surprise heart next time... so much easier on me!

Speaking of needing help choosing something... I was also torn between 2 agendas. I settled for this one this morning, after advice from the lab tech I share a bench with. The yellow is just brighter than this more orange one I was also tempted to get. Still, I really, really like it... I got a note from the sellers, inprint, saying they're coming out with notebooks soon. So if they have one in that design I might just have to get it.I love getting a new agenda each year. Shopping for school supplies was the best time of the year. Too bad I don't need pens and pencil crayons anymore!

OK, that's it for my second post today! I'll let you know what I got from my mom once I can open it! And be on the lookout for a birthday sale or giveaway, I haven't decided which to hold yet... but keep an eye out on Thurs!


Anonymous said...

Wow, beautiful necklace!! And I just love that pattern on the journal!

Angie said...

only one more day!!!!!!!!