Thursday, July 31, 2008

Just Posted: Call Me Business Necklace

I finally posted my recycled paper bead necklace! Isn't it pretty?If you're wondering about the process, check out my previous posts. The purpose of this post is to provide more pictures of the finished necklace. Here are the beads in the center: Now these beads are handmade paper mache, so they aren't perfect. But I think they're imperfections add to the charm of this necklace.
I strung the beads on 3mm wide turquoise ribbon. This ribbon is a really gorgeous shade! I knotted it between each bead, and then knotted a loop for one half of the clasp. I used a vintage mother of pearl button as the other side of the clasp ~ it's knotted with a bow. Here's what it looks like with the button through the loop. This is the other side of the button. This brown side is almost as shiny as the white side, but you can't really see this in the picture. The ends of the ribbons are still long so that I can adjust the length of the necklace if needed. Here's what the clasp looks like when it was on my neck. This was a tricky picture to take by myself.And one final picture in my cute little bowl.I've been using this bowl to sort of unify some of my listings, especially the earrings. But the main reason is because I never photoshop these pictures. On some of the other pictures with the plain white background I might run a white balance just to even out the tones. This usually doesn't change the colours of the piece, but sometimes they appear a bit brighter. So this way I can be sure you're getting an accurate visual. The ones with me in them are taken outside, which sometimes bleaches the photo a bit.

Take home message: the pictures with the wooden bowl show the truest colours of the piece.

Anyway, go check out this necklace! If you hurry, it's 50% off today ~ just add "showcase" to the message to seller when you check out. For more details on this one day only sale, scroll down.

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Mrs.Kwitty said...

I like your homemade beads--and I also like how you constucted the necklace with the ribbon and the cool button clasp! Very nice.
Smiles, Karen