Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I love food. I love cooking, baking and eating. I especially like eating out and trying new recipes. So when I found a simple recipe for fresh-squeezed vanilla lemonade (from The Black Apple), I had to try it. The simple syrup was easy to make and the lemons were a little tricky to squeeze without getting seeds into the juice. Luckily, I found that the seeds floated, so they were easy enough to take out. The hint of vanilla really sweetens this juice and gives it a nice little after flavour. I'll definitely be making some again.

My breakfast from yesterday:
How do you feel about breakfast? Do you eat it or skip it? My mom always has breakfast, so when I was little, I always would too. Throughout high school, I think most days I still had breakfast. It wasn't until I left for University that my schedule changed and I stopped eating breakfast most mornings. But I had this yesterday. Please notice the adorable little bowl. I love small dishes, cups and bowls... they're so cute! I'll have to post about this obsession later, when I get some little plates in the mail. :)
I added some blueberries into the little bowl. Unfortunately, they aren't wild blueberries, but the large ones you get from the store. Never had the wild ones? They're at least 50x tastier... but these were good too. On top, I piled on a cup (not an actual measuring cup, but the small individual serving cups yogurt comes in) of mixed berry yogurt and a cup of vanilla yogurt. After mixing, I enjoyed. And did I ever enjoy! Again, the vanilla added a pleasant sweetness that just totally makes this. There's some expensive yogurt that I sometimes get that has vanilla already added ~ this was a cheap version of that, and still oh-so delicious. And nutritious.

Oh, and the point to take away from this post is that vanilla can go in anything and make it better. Well... maybe not anything...

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