Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I haven't made a "real" notebook since Christmas. I've made accordion-style memory notebooks (my mom loved the one I customized for Mother's Day), mini-notebooks and recycled, Japanese stab-bound notebooks... but no real handsewn notebooks.

Until now!Meet my happy little hedgehog. Isn't he sweet? He's adorning the front cover of this notebook, which is bound in white with a light gray rose pattern. He's sitting on a square of black denim-look paper. The inside covers are bound in a light yellow square pattern, with this dedication tag on the inside front cover:
It's hard to read, but the sticker says "you are my sunshine my only sunshine / you make me happy when skies are gray." So sweet. My mom and gramma used to sing that tune to me when I was little.

I just posted him today. Go check him out, and if you hurry you might snag him at 20% off because I'm having a Canada Day week-long sale (on until July 7)!

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