Thursday, July 17, 2008

New Projects

Here are some of the new projects I'm working on. I picked up cross-stitch from my Aunt, and made my grandma a cute piece with a little boy and girl on a path between two houses, with the saying "There's no place like home except for grandma's." I was quite proud of it, but a lot of work goes into cross-stitch so I didn't continue once I went on to high school.

But I remember how cute cross-stitch is and when my friend (Jellybeans) mentioned she was trying it out, I couldn't resist going out to get some Aida cloth, an embroidery hoop and a magazine with some small patterns in it.

Can you guess which patterns really sold that book to me???These adorable little buns are going to be made into some pretty little tags. Or maybe some fun little notebooks.. I just have to decide what to do with the edges to prevent the Aida cloth from unravelling... some sort of stitch should do the trick, but I want it to be pretty. So we'll see what happens. The process is the fun part!

I've always wanted to sew and make things with beautiful material. I've picked up a needle every now and again, but I haven't been able to find any fun projects to do. I picked up some felt at the same time as the Aida cloth and other supplies, and I figured I could stitch together a few stuffed ornaments for starters.

And then I came across Wee Wonderfuls and a few of Hillary Lang's free patterns. This one is for a darling pig. I cut out the felt and started stitching him up last night.
Then I ran out of black embroidery floss, or else surely he would have been finished and not left in this sad state... earless, empty and eviscerated...

(OK, that was a little dramatic, but I like alliterations and I was trying to get at the hole in his back and the missing innards.)

The pattern is just so cute. I'm looking forward to finishing him this weekend after a trip to the mall.
I didn't have any pink felt, or this little pig definitely would have been pink. I'm kind of glad though, I'm liking this little black pig.

On a side note, he's sitting on my new silk-covered notebook from pamelatang. It's a gorgeous notebook and I've already collaged the first page. I'll post on that soon.

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