Friday, July 18, 2008

Things I love

I recently purchased these Trash Ties from Heather Bailey. Actually, I ordered a set of small ones (five 4" hot pink ties) and one long one (25" light pink). I haven't quite gotten used to the long one, but the standard ones are so handy and easy to use!
They're basically like twist ties that come with garbage bags ~ a malleable wire inside of a satiny sheath... with a couple of cute knots on each end. These pictures show what I did yesterday. I twisted each of the small ones around twice.

And this is what I did for today:
It was so quick and easy, it was perfect on the first try! I only twisted the tie once this time. I love how they hold any amount of hair and don't move.

Now I just have to master the longer one! It's tricky because it's so long and I only have two hands... and can't really see the back and top of my head. It'll only take a little practice!

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