Sunday, August 22, 2010

Baby Pictures

As promised, here are some of my baby pictures. Starting with almost exactly 24 years ago, still in the hospital:
Fabulous housecoat mom!
Yep, I had lots of crazy dark hair when I was born, though it soon lightened. I was also blue when I was born because the (dumb) nurses didn't check my mom before giving her an epidural. They just rolled their eyes at her like she was complaining too much, leaned her over & gave her the shot in her back. When she lay back down, they freaked out because you could see that she had been sitting on my head, suffocating me. Awesome. Mom just remembers them running by with this little blue thing, then the epidural kicked in.
I was also born with my left foot touching my leg - bent up to my shin. Guess I was a little cramped inside.... Mom just had to stretch it down whenever she changed my diaper & it soon resolved itself. I've never had any problems with it.
I love how squat I look next to that giant duck & this last one is one of my favourites. Not sure how old I am here, but I'm pretty sure that stuffed animal under my foot is my lambie - we were inseparable for a good part of my childhood (though I can't say I have any memories of it).

Anyway, that's all the baby pictures for a while, I promise! I'll have to try & get some pictures onto my laptop so that I can show you & tell you about my birthday flowers... but until then, trust me when I say they are gorgeous! I was so spoiled yesterday, it was an amazing day! Thank you to everyone who helped contribute in making my day one of the best ones yet!


H20works said...

I've said it before, and I'll say it again...."You are just so cute!", even from birth! Thanks for sharing your baby pics!

Love, Kat

Nicole's Homemade Treats...The Blog said...

Cute! That last pick is definitely your face!!!