Saturday, August 21, 2010

Birthday Cakes of Times Past

As promised, here are some priceless photos of some of the birthday cakes my mom has made me over the years.

Age 2: Panda cake.
Please note: the excited expression on my older brother's face, my OOOH! expression, the disembodied arm & the surroundings: you won't be seeing them again. We move to Verner, where my parents still live, between now & ...
Age 4: pink cake. Maybe a heart? Maybe with sprinkles spelling 4?
Please note: my pregnant mother (so we'll give her a break for not being more creative), the Ninja Turtles table cloth (my brother's birthday is 7 days after mine), the disembodied arm & the surroundings: our place in Verner.
Age 5: pink cake. Yep - really, this isn't the same year as before! My mom really wasn't creative this year! Tsk, tsk. But, please note the baby bottle on the table: my younger brother was less than a year at that point.
Also note: same ice cream, same ice cream scoop, same milk jug, same mugs & SAME DRESS as the year before. HA! And doesn't the background outside look almost fake?
Age 6: butterfly. One of the most memorable cakes.
Please note: the awesome bunny sweater I'm wearing in my school picture (my gramma made it - there was a matching skirt to wear as a skating outfit if I remember correctly), the cool pelican ornament in front of the encyclopedia, the disembodied arm & the recognizable background outside.
Age 7: bunny. Another one of my most memorable cakes.
Please note: the sweet floral dress I'm wearing (I remember wearing that to grade 3 .. maybe the first day, maybe picture day?), the disembodied arm, the lovely scalloped paper plates:
Wait - that looks like an old sheet as the table cloth.... mom?
Age 8: castle. This cake was almost a fail, but mom made it work. I still remember being pleased as can be.
Please note: the happy baby John, the Simba & Nala (from The Lion King) stuffed animals (one of my most memorable birthday gifts), the awesome perm I'm sporting & the shirt my mom is wearing which we got at Canada's Wonderland. She still has that shirt...
Age 9: pool. Another awesome cake.
Please note: the new curtains, the dress I'm wearing, which I LOVED, the disembodied match box & the table cloth only covering half the table.
See? Why??? But look at that cake! Awesome! Please note: the LEGO picnic table & people swimming in the blue jello, the licorice ladder, the profusion of candy...
Age 10 (probably): ghost. My brother's & I all wanted this cake this year. It was decidedly cute all of a sudden & we fought over it. My birthday being first, I won. Ha!
Please note: the decorations on my chair, which I made with my baby sitter that day; the new hutch, which my dad made; the umbrella in my grampa's mouth....; my brother trying to cover the picture with a plate; my aunt trying to get out of the picture. HA! And my shirt, another one I LOVED! Oh - and the egg shell eyes. We had been saving them on the counter to decorate the cake a bit later in the morning. My gramma, being ever so helpful, was cleaning up the kitchen & "Oh! What are these egg shells doing on the counter?" Chucked them into the garbage. Oh how we laughed! What a great memory!

Age 12(ish): fish.
Please note: the large amount of necklaces I'm wearing... so cool!

Well, that's all my mom was able to rustle up - we weren't so diligent keeping track of pictures after that. But next time I go home we plan on sorting through a whole bunch - you might be seeing lots of baby pictures in the near future! Speaking of which, I have a couple of baby pictures here that I might scan to show you tomorrow - stick around. In the meantime, I'm enjoying MY day!


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Nice cakes!!! It is neat seeing you grow through the years!


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Angie said...

Cute cakes! I think my most memorable was a dino cake, with a volcano and little toy dino's all over it lol