Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Birthday Gift to Myself

I received a package in the mail yesterday - well, 2 packages actually - one was from my mom, the other was a birthday gift to myself.

First - the parcel from my mom. Inside? Birthday presents! I so want to show you pictures except:
  1. my new Nikon camera is broken - Pat is supposed to bring it in to get fixed / replaced today
  2. I can't find the UBS key that will allow me to transfer pictures from my old camera to my laptop
Can you say ARG? How frustrating! I'm hoping my Nikon will be fixed soon - I miss it...

Anyway, mom sent me 2 small gifts, 2 larger, flat gifts tied together with ribbon, 2 tissue-paper wrapped gifts & a bath poof. One of the tissue-paper wrapped gifts wasn't taped & may have unrolled in my hand. OOPS! How fortuitous though, since it was soap to use with the poof. The rest sit on the TV stand, tempting me to open them. Only 2 more days!

Now - my gift to myself. I went so far as to take pictures of them on my hand, which is when I discovered I had no idea where that dongle is! But here are the awesome photos Janet of galla15 took of my 2 new rings:
I love the versatility of this gray colour. This blue one will also work well with a good part of my wardrobe:
I love them both - they're a perfect fit & quite comfortable. The fun cut of the Swarovski crystal makes them especially reflective & sparkle-y. A great accessory!

Thank you Janet for the lovely rings!


Nicole's Homemade Treats...The Blog said...

Presents are awesome! Have fun opening them!! Your rings are beautiful!! I love my ring from Galla!

Unknown said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I am so glad you love your rings :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY ULI!!!!

Giftbearer said...

Wow! That blue one almost looks like blue topaz!

In case you haven't seen it yet please take a look at 30 Minutes of Fame thread on Etsy;

and we're currently doing a B&R too!

More of Galla's rings can be found there as well as other cool items.
All mediums invited; just $3.00 purchase to buy in.

johnniebelinda said...

What beautiful jewlery.

H20works said...

Janet does such nice work! Happy Birthday Amanda!