Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Five

Here's what I was up to this week:
  1. I made a fall-themed treasury - but I opted for my favourite colours instead of the ubiquitous orange leaf: mustard, olive, eggplant, raspberry & chocolate.Click on THIS link to check it out. EDIT: I just found out that my treasury made the front page at 5AM this morning!!! How exciting! Too bad I slept through it...
  2. I made some delicious maple pecan muffins - SO tasty!
  3. I had dinner Thursday with the biopharm TAs at Eva's, our program advisor for the past year. She's Hungarian & always cooks some amazing traditional dishes. It was fun!
  4. I was going to take a whole bunch of pictures this week & I was - until my camera broke! Yes, the new one. I almost cried! Not sure what happened - I took a pictures, the shutter went down & it powered off. Won't power back on now. We'll be making a trip to BestBuy this weekend to get it fixed...
  5. I've been good at listing something everyday - notably, a new tissue cozy in my sewing shop:
How was your week?

Quiet weekend planned here - no plans at all really. It's supposed to be hot, extremely hot, so I'll probably be loafing around. What are your weekend plans?

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Unknown said...

Great post! You have been busyy!
Your muffins sound wonderful!