Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cool Site: Toodledo

If you're like me, you keep to-do lists. Many of them, on scraps of paper & in notepads (or mini notebooks) all over the place. Recently, I've started keeping an ongoing to-do list online on the site Toodledo. I've tried a number of different list-keeping sites, but here's why I like this one:
  1. Sort, sort, sort. I like to keep things organized on many levels - you can do that here. You can sort your to-do list into contexts & folders. That way, you can keep different parts of your life separate - and still keep separate folders for all of these contexts.
  2. When looking at all your tasks, you can sort them by priority or due date as well. This way, you can easily see what's overdue or what you have to do in the next week. A hotlist tab allows you to see those tasks that are most pressing & a starred tab allows you to look at any jobs you've flagged.
  3. One other feature that I really enjoy is the Goals. You can set lifelong goals as well as long & short-term goals. These goals & the tasks in your to-do list can then be organized by whichever goal they work towards achieving. This way, you can not only have the satisfaction of crossing things off your to-do list, but you can also see how it's contributing to your long-term goals!
  4. You can schedule tasks to repeat if necessary - daily, weekly, monthly, etc. So handy!
  5. There's a fun function that allows you to print out your to-do list in a small booklet form.
  6. The calendar lets you neatly see what you have due over the course of the month while the search feature lets you find things easily.
  7. There's also a place to store notes that belong in your folders or are associated with your goals but don't necessarily fit into your to-do list.
Of course, you can upgrade to a pro account for a certain fee, but the free account gives you all that I've mentioned above. There's a lot you can customize too - from the look & theme, to what categories you see & sort by. Which is more than enough organization, if you ask me!

What do you think of keeping an online to-do list? Do you already have a favourite site?

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