Thursday, August 26, 2010

Birthday Flowers

I was blessed with 4 bouquets on my birthday - I'm so spoiled! The flowers are all so beautiful, I had to take the time to show them to you.
First thing in the morning on my birthday, I get a call from the flower shop saying they have a delivery for me today, will I be there in the afternoon? But... who could they be from? I had no idea - I grilled Pat - nope. I asked mom, gramma & my aunt when they called - not from them either. WHO?
At noon, I get a flower delivery.
They're from my MMG friends! How sweet - I told you how awesome they are! When I called mom to tell her (she was curious who they were from too), I only talked to my dad. When my mom got back from the grocery store, she called me back & asked me to describe the flowers to her.
This is the lovely bouquet I described: daisies, 3 kinds of lilies in pink, hot pink & purple.

"But... those aren't what I ordered...!"

Ha! That's because THIS delivery isn't from you mom! But the next one was:
My mom felt so bad for ruining her surprise.... but this bright yellow bouquet more than made up for it. Isn't it fabulous in its Happy Birthday box?
Then Pat brought me home an arrangement from the grocery store (because I asked him to). What a sweetheart!
We met up with some friends in the evening for cake & drinks & my one friend Lindsay arrived with more flowers for me!
That bouquet is mixed in with Pat's flowers & dispersed around my apartment: I ran out of large enough vases! So some of the yellow flowers made it into my kitchen.
They're in some cute vintage vases I "stole" from my mom years ago.
And then a few made it into the smaller glassware on this little table I have behind my couch:
My house is filled with flowers! I absolutely love it - there's nothing more cheerful than real flowers!

Thank you everyone who contributed in making my birthday one of the best yet!


mubashar said...

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Yellow flower is very charming.

Nicole's Homemade Treats...The Blog said...

YEAH!! we get to see flowers! Glad you like them!

Dorana said...

you're so welcomed my friend! thank you for all the love and support you shower over us! :o)

siempre- dorana

HeartOnSleeveArt said...

wow all of the pretty flowers in your house now! so sweet of some mmg gals, your mom and pat!

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