Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Feature: Cake Decorations

So, obviously, my (online) birthday party wouldn't be complete without a cake. How does chocolate sound?

As you can see in the photo I posted today & in those I will post tomorrow, my mom always made us a cake in whatever shape we wanted. We would choose & then help decide how to decorate it, picking out icing colours & candies. So much fun!

Today, I sort of did the same. I browsed Etsy & found some handmade edible cake decorations to show you! Take a look at 3 shops I'd love to order from:

First up is the cute from LCcakes. Her figures are made out of completely edible gumpaste & you can get them in different flavours! Just look at this adorable octopus with his jaunty party hat:
This would make an awesome beach-y cake! Add a few of these beach balls & some coloured sugar for sand & you're set:

Next up is a shop I've featured before, but SugarRobot has such beautiful butterflies, it was impossible not to include them.
These delicate treats are made out of wafer paper & edible ink - meaning they're all hand-painted! Some of these birthday leaves would make a great addition to any birthday cake:

Last but not least is the lovely sweetpetalbakery. Just try not to gasp at the beauty & realism of these flowers:
Made of gumpaste & fondant, these peonies, the hydrangeas, the lilies - they would all transform a simple cake into a work of art. Not only would these make a little girl's day, but they'd look amazing on a wedding, anniversary or baby shower cake too. These pink cherry blossoms were what first drew me to this shop:
Aren't they sweet?

So ... are you hungry yet? Lucky for me, I get cake at lunch today - that means soon! Unfortunately for you, you'll have to go find your own cake.... Let me know what kind you go for!

What's your favourite cake decorations to use?
(I'm partial to sprinkles & coloured coconut myself.)