Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Scenic Rd

Pat & I decided to go for a hike Sunday afternoon. The Bruce Trail runs through Hamilton along the escarpment, with lots of waterfalls along the way. So we made our way to Scenic Rd on West Mountain, found some parking & a trail. We quickly discovered Princess Falls.
Our trail was at the top of the falls (where this photo is taken - Princess Falls is actually taller than this little cascade appears) & we walked along the mini canyon carved out by the water. There wasn't much to see though, it was prettier along the trail. Berries were everywhere - we saw them in every colour:

red: orange: green & yellow: white: black:& this cool blue-ish-green (sorry about the blurry photo - old camera):Shriveling fruit was everywhere (and just as worthy of a photo):Indeed, it was the mouldering fruit on the ground that made me look up:A pear tree! The first one I see in full fruit. I picked my fair share & plan on making a crisp. The first time I make a pear crisp - I'll let you know how it goes!

We usually make strawberry or raspberry, my mom makes a delicious apple crisp (though Pat isn't a fan of baked apple) & I recently made an awesome nectarine & raspberry one - what's your favourite crisp flavour?

I'm planning on going apple picking this fall - something I've actually never done. Have you ever been fruit picking? If so, what kind of fruit?


marinebio_chic07 said...

Awesome hike! I miss forests!

My favorite crisps are apple, peach, and strawberry rhubarb. Lab mom brought in a pear and apple one yesterday (fresh pears from the tree). So good!

I used to go apple picking as a child. My great-grandma's farm had an orchard and my aunt and uncle will sell the apples and apple cider they made from the trees. I would help them during the harvest in September.

I so want to go make a crisp now!

Nicole's Homemade Treats...The Blog said...

My favorite crisp flavor? Plum

Fruit picking? We go all the time! apples, blueberries, cherries, strawberries, raspberries... My boys love it!!

Kara Lennox said...

just berries. We picked a ton of blackberries on our cycling trip, they were on the side of the road everywhere!

I'm not even sure what a crisp is. Like pie?

Amanda said...

sort of like pie, but with a streusel topping & no crust. this is the recipe i'm going to try: