Monday, September 3, 2007

Posted Items!!

I just posted my first items!! As I mentioned yesterday, I make button bracelets and notebooks.

My favourite bracelet is this cute purple and black flower one:
These look so cute on, and I can make them in any shape or colour. So they match with anything and everything! I wear one everyday, and have different ones to match different outfits. The jump rings are soldered shut, so they are pretty sturdy ~ and I can be quite rough on my bracelets.

My notebooks are also very cute. I've made myself a whole bunch and use them to make to-do and grocery lists, as well as to take notes at school and work or to draw in whenever inspiration hits.
This one is called Garden of Gingham, which is why it is monogrammed with a "g". I can easily change the monogram, if requested. Of course, I can also make custom notebooks with any design, embellishments or monograms that you request!

Be sure to check out my shop at and if you have any questions, concerns or requests feel free to message me or email me at!!

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Anonymous said...

very cute things. I saw you on indipublic.