Sunday, September 2, 2007

Open Shop

Welcome, everyone, to my new blog and shop!! I just set up shop today at, so everything is still in progress. I hope to have items posted soon, but for now, I want to give everyone a little blurb about myself and what I do.

My name is Amanda, and I've been crafty my entire life. When I was younger, my preferred medium was pencil and wax crayons but I soon expanded to making wreathes, simple beaded jewelry and dolls. My favourite show was Art Attack, and I would often try out different paper crafts. Once in high school, my focus shifted away from crafts and into science and math. It wasn't until this year, after finishing my fourth year of university, that I yearned to dabble in the arts once more.

Another great love of mine is books. I love reading and writing, and have kept a journal my entire life. So when I decided to start making things again, I chose notebooks. I found a tutorial on WikiHow and while trying it out, I had to modify the procedures a bit in order for it to work. Soon, I was making all sorts of notebooks of different shapes and sizes. I love it, they're so cute and useful!! I get so inspired by all the beautiful paper I find!

Once I started creating, I couldn't stop! I found some pretty buttons and beads, and needed to make something with these as well. I was inspired by a necklace my friend Angie made, and soon I was making button bracelets. These are by far my most favourite to make!! I have a whole bunch for myself and wear them everyday.

In the next couple of days, I'll be spending as much time as I can designing my blog, shop and website. I'll be posting new items, inspirations and personal tid-bits on here as much as I can. I also plan on featuring artists from Canada / Etsy here, so check back soon and often!

So, for now check out my button bracelets and notebooks on! As I find more supplies on Etsy, I'm sure I'll be inspired to create many different things, so check back often!!

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