Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Item of the day!

I came across a splendid necklace on the Etsy front page, and instantly fell in love with the large beaded round balls. After browsing through tqbdesigns' shop, I know what I want for Christmas (or Thanksgiving, or Halloween, or...): this gorgeous Wishes necklace. I love the fall colours of each of the beaded balls, and just look how they glimmer! They look like ripe berries ready for picking. The necklace's name suits it well: hanging with the juicy berries is a silver wishbone. I love this necklace so much I can't stand it!!! I might just have to splurge (and I really can't and shouldn't... but just look at that necklace!!!!!!) ~ I hope no one beats me to it!!
And if someone does, there is a large selection of equally beautiful and almost edible delights: like these fantastic Flowering Vines earrings.

As I've mentioned before, this is my favourite colour combination at the moment ~ I love how the dark tourmaline ball shimmers with greens and purples. Once again, words just don't do justice: you MUST check out this shop!!!!! Each item is completely handmade by Lisa Gastelum. That means she makes all of these beautiful beaded charms by hand - the beads are stitched onto a wooden core. Amazing!! Read more on her profile and blog: tqbdesigns.blogspot.com. Don't wait, hurry over to tqbdesigns right now!!!!

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SarahKelley said...

She's super talented with a great eye for color!