Monday, September 17, 2007

NEW: Accordion-style memory book

I just posted some new items, go check them out at!! Four delicious button bracelets (some with funky triangle buttons) as well as an envelope accordion-style notebook, of which I am particularly proud. I put a lot of time, effort and love into this notebook, and I think it turned out quite well!! This will also be the last notebook I'll be posting in a little while: my gramma and Aunt each put in a custom order (for five in total, due at Thanksgiving :) such a great, supportive family!!) which I'll be concentrating on.

This notebook (or memory book, as I like to call it) is perfect for anyone who wants to get scrapbooking but doesn't know how to start or doesn't have the time to dedicate to creating their own layouts. Each page is an envelope, so love letters, notes and special mementos can be hidden away. Each envelope, front and back, is embellished in a one of a kind design, using mostly green tone paper. Unfortunately, five measly pictures does NOT do this item justice. So, I'm going to post quite a few here. First, a view of the front and back, without the large green ribbon (and matching tag) that is included and can be used to hold the book closed.These two are of the back of the envelopes, spread out.
Each page in close-up, starting with the one attached to the cover:A pretty vellum envelope in which to hide more mementos.(The sticker at the bottom says "You are my sunshine".)
And now each of the front pages in close-up (see my etsy posting for the first page):

A close up of the sequined flower:
And finally, the last envelope, which is stuck to the cover: Since this is my first attempt at anything like this, I'd like anyone and everyone's opinion ~ any ideas on how I could improve? Anything in particular that you really like? Please let me know! And please go check out my shop at!

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