Friday, September 21, 2007

Featured Item of the Day!

I was browsing through the shops of my street team EtsyU, and came across memory. I was delighted by this raccoons little face. Isn't he cute? I was even more pleased when I saw that Monica (hehe, I'm assuming this is her name from the title of her blog) hails from New Brunswick Canada. How great is that? I get to feature both EtsyU AND a Canadian!!

Monica is a photography student who, like a lot of artists on Etsy, dabbles in various other art form, including drawing, sewing and making jewelry. Her memory shop is strictly for photo prints and illustrations, but you can also find her at heyprettycupcake (for buttons, magnets and other things featuring her art) and morememory (for supplies). Phew, that's 3 shops today!! But I'm really only featuring memory. And this poor little raccoon who just isn't having a very good day. It's hard to see in these pics, but beside his tail is written "Today is not my day." Although, other than the downpour he's caught in, I can't see why. He has a lovely red balloon that should help brighten even the most rainy days!The humorous and bleak expression in his eyes and his manly chest hair have captured my heart. He's adorable!! I'm also particularly fond of the slate gray of the background - it's the same colour as my favourite pair of pants!

I was also impressed by the following two prints. The first is called "Fog" and is a digital collage of a barren landscape and a foggy window. To me, it looks like a vast field in late November, with snow just starting to fall. Not the first snowfall since you can see that this has already melted in some places, leaving wet spots and blanketing the ground near the hills. A very melancholy piece that reminds me of dark November afternoons where you don't want to go outside because the falling snow is more like slush and you'll get soaked. "Fog" definitely has lots of emotion, leaving one longing for summer.
Which brings me to the next piece. Full of movement and light, "Wind" brings you into Spring, right in the middle of Mardi Gras. Although I've never actually experienced a Mardi Gras festival, this photo reminds me of all the bright colours of carnival beads that you can find (or earn). Living up to it's namesake, you can almost see the breeze rustling through this partially blurred feather. A gorgeous print that would look great in any room!
You must take a look at memory's shop (and her other two), you won't be disappointed! And imagine, she also has a blog (who doesn't nowadays?)! Take a peak:

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