Tuesday, September 18, 2007

30 Hearts!

I made it to 30 hearts today!! I'm so happy, Etsy is such a great community. :) Although, I'm not sure if I can technically count the latest heart... it's from EtsyU, my street team, haha. Which, by the way, you should take a quick look at. It's a work in progress, we just started up, but the profile lists all the great shops (and hard working students) that are part of the team.

Today wasn't a very productive day. I spent all morning (mostly on Etsy, haha) waiting for a meeting that was supposed to happen at 9. It never happened... investigators who are also MDs are so hard to get a hold of!! But I guess that's kind of a good thing. I'm sure his patients are a little more important than me. Then I spent pretty much the whole afternoon with my supervisor. I've been having so much trouble keeping my preps from drying out overnight but the perfusion rig I had set up wasn't reliable to leave overnight (perfusion = constant flow of media / liquid over the cell preparation so that it's impossible to dry out... except that often it would just stop). So Luke changed the tubing to a larger size and rigged up a drip ~ just like for an IV bag, but he made it for me. So now I can see the media drip from the reservoir and control the flow easily. I'll have to try it out during the day tomorrow to see if it'll be ok overnight. I hope so!

So I didn't work at all on my applications. And do you think I'll get on that tonight? I don't... I'm planning on making some tiny notebooks for promo baskets we're trying to get together for EtsyU. Fun fun!!

Oh, and I posted three new button bracelets, why don't you check them out?

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