Monday, September 10, 2007

First Set

So I took the weekend off from my shop. I was really itching to get on here, but I wanted to recover from my cold and seriously work on my nserc application. It's coming along... I also went for a bike ride with my boyfriend ~ we went to the waterfront (on Lake Ontario) and sat in the sun, watching all the sail boats. It was lovely. I finished my new and first set ~ a gorgeous watery blue and green necklace and bracelet. I especially love the green glass tube beads I used ~ they glisten with a blue sheen. The large faceted clear blue plastic beads are gorgeous as well ~ the blue colour is darkest in the wells of the facets, so they look like rippling water. The small round green beads are hand-painted (not by me) with gilded pink flowers and darker green leaves. The way these pieces catch the light is amazing!
I'm really excited to have posted these ~ I hope they sell! I'd love to have them adorning someone's neck and wrist.

I also posted some new bracelets. I'm particularly fond of the lime sorbet:
The pictures really don't do the colours justice: the green buttons are a delicious celery and the creamy yellow buttons look like whipped butter! Together, I'm not sure why, but they just remind me of lime sorbet ~ a light and delicious treat any time of year!

I've posted a few more, so head on over to and check them out!

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