Thursday, September 13, 2007

Item of the day

This is most difficult... how am I supposed to choose just one item / shop to feature a day!??! Etsy is so full of wonderful artists, it's hard to choose a favourite! I mentioned yesterday that I would like to promote Canadians (GO CANADA!!!) so I was looking through the Etsy Canadian street team. But at the same time, I thought it would be nice to promote EtsyU, the street team that I'm a part of... Decisions, decisions... I was never good at making them! So since I found my Canadian first, I will feature her today, and my street team can wait for tomorrow (sorry!). But you should definitely go check out the wonderful artists that are crafting while still in school ~ let me tell you, it gets really crazy busy sometimes!!

UPDATE: If you check the EtsyU profile, you'll see that BlindCaveFish is now a (most deserving) member too! Yay!!

The name of my featured shop, BlindCaveFish, first caught my attention. It turns out that the artist behind the store is actually a biologist and worked with these fish! She's now in Calgary working on her Master's investigating birds. I just had to promote a fellow scientist!
So the item of the day is this Glorious Fall Bracelet ~ I love bracelets, especially those that jingle and jangle when you move your wrist. Plus, my favourite season is fall, with the beautiful changing leaves and equally lovely harvest: berries, pumpkins, squash, wheat. Such a pretty time of the year, and this bracelet would let you celebrate all year round! This bracelet is full of dangling peridot and amber leaves, amber flowers and Bali silver beads that also look like flowers or bunches of berries. The wire chain and hook clasp (with a pretty little spiral) is all handmade, and definitely one of a kind. It truly is glorious... and would look wonderful with this matching Glorious Fall Lariat!One other item that caught my eye in BlindCaveFish's shop was the Silver and Copper Toggle Clasp. This is a one of a kind, handmade clasp, and though large, would look amazing as the focus of a modern bracelet. You can tell that a lot of time, dedication and originality went into this amazing piece - and being a grad student, time is a most precious commodity, making this clasp all the more special.
BlindCaveFish also has a blog, so check that and her shop out!!

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Hollie said...

Thank you SO much for featuring my work! Its very cool that you are featuring Canadian artists