Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Item of the Day!

Ok.. so I didn't get around to posting yesterday... yes, I feel guilty! I love posting on my blog and I love promoting some of the amazing artists on Etsy. But I was so busy! I was actually stuck at work until 6 (and extra hour whereas I usually leave an hour early!) because my computer no longer recognizes my camera. Could have something to do with the fact it was dropped on it's side....

Enough with the excuses and on to the art. Amazingly beautiful art at that. Today I'm featuring AmyGiacomelli, and you absolutely must check out this shop! I was first stunned by her newly posted Autumn Landscape (we all know how much of a sucker I am for fall things..).
These paintings are ginormous and absolutely breathtaking! I love the warm autumn tones, especially the crimson and burgundy reflections floating in the foreground and atop the spindly trunks. I really like the fact that a lot of Amy's pieces are sets of three or four ~ I find these arrangements particularly attractive. I love how a wall becomes filled with larger paintings, presenting them to you and becoming part of the masterpiece. I dislike seeing small pieces lost on a large wall... it's such a waste of space!

These next two pieces are simple, beautiful and great gifts!! They come framed as you see, and each print is an original, one of a kind painting done by Amy. These modern and contemporary pieces are classy and understated and would make great gifts that would complement almost any decor. Anyone is sure to love either one of these, but especially the trees, even if you aren't sure on their taste.

AmyGiacomelli has a wonderful shop you should check out immediately! Not only does she have original, one of a kind paintings of all different sizes, she also sells painted art pendants, some interesting sculptures and framed art. Everything would make a fantastic addition to your home or someone else's you know. Go on and browse, there is something you are sure to fall in love with!! Not only that, if you glance at Amy's profile, you'll see that she's a world reknown artist ~ and has work in all the Disneyland parks worldwide!! Get an original while you can!!

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