Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Item of the day

I've been meaning to feature Concertinapieces, a member of my street team EtsyU, for a while. Ever since I stumbled across this little guy, Stan the onion:His cute little smile drew me right in! And then I read the description that goes with his post, and it was so touching (and made me giggle at work)! Apparently Stan was part of a government lab experiment until he escaped, and now he's just looking for someone to love him. Won't you? And if you browse through Concertinapieces shop, you'll find other members of the veggie family:Aren't they adorable? Other stuffies made by Concertinapieces include Beatrix the beautiful birdie, the Octiwees and Octibees, and many many others. Octibees are bigger than Octiwees, and they try to take care of them. But sometimes, the poor little Octiwees are orphaned, and need someone to look after them. How can you resist that little face? Fitting in the palm of your hand, they wouldn't take up too much room or cause you much trouble.
Run on over to Concertinapieces, it's well worth it. You'll soon see that there isn't only toys offered. There's quite a bit of pretty jewelry (including some button bracelets!) and some ceramics. A great shop to check out if you have a gift to purchase and want something nice and unique!

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