Monday, September 17, 2007

Item of the day!

I've realized it's nearly impossible to get everything done on the weekend. I so wanted to work on my applications, post new items... but cleaning up and spending time with my boy friend ate up all my time. It doesn't help that I'm inherently lazy, and relaxed a lot this weekend too. Mondays suck ... back to reality.

But on a happy note, I have another Canadian to feature today!! I stumbled across a beautiful ring by Colleen Baran on the Etsy front page, which lead me to her amazing shop, I was delighted to see that she's from Vancouver, BC ~ yay Canada! And I'm almost positive I saw another wonderful ring as an avatar on or, but I can't find her on there now. After looking through her website,, I have fallen in love with the cloud series, as well as the like wearing a love letter series. Her jewelry is amazing, you must check it out!! This is my favourite ring on Etsy (I was going to say my most favourite, but after browsing through her website, the "I've loved you since the moment I met you" and "I want to be your wife always" rings have stolen my heart, as did Cloud ring #7... I'm not sure if they're available through Etsy, but they are beautiful and so meaningful). This ring, called Bubble Lace Ring 1, it is so light, simple and delicate, it could be worn every day!! In fact, I probably would never take it off (except to do dishes and shower, I guess, mustn't ruin the silver!)!! I'm really at a loss for words ... I think the picture (and great number of links) speaks for itself!

Be sure to also have a look at her one of a kind, extremely unique floating saucer series. You should also mark her as a favourite and check back often - Colleen has a new felt series (great texture) and framework series (the missing avatar) coming out and posts new items regularly. Oh, and stop by her blog, while you're at it!

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Hollie said...

I agree, her pieces are jaw-dropping beautiful!