Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring Vignette

We were blessed with two visits this weekend: my parents came over for dinner Friday night (we went out for awesome food and service at the Mandarin) and my aunt, two cousins and gramma came for a visit Sunday morning. It was really nice to finally show off our new place - no one had seen it yet (except my mom who saw it empty a week before it was officially ours) and were really looking forward to being able to "picture me in my place".

Despite having both sent me a housewarming gift back in November, both mom and gramma brought me a little something as a "first time in your new place" gift. The apple clearly doesn't fall far from the tree! And double bonus for me - both mom and gramma know me too well and presented me with a perfect spring vignette (with absolutely no consultation between the two; neither knew the other was bringing something)!

From mom - the eighth addition to my Willow Tree collection (or "faceless angels" as we call them, regardless of the presence of wings) - Bloom:
I love the gorgeous pinky-orange-red calla lilies. I have all the Willow Tree girls with books, one with a bunny and another with a teapot... now I want all the ones with flowers. They're all so pretty and neutral enough to group together or to add to any little corner. I love them!

Next, my gramma brought me this cute little teapot:
The little slot for a spout, the big round handle, the fat round shape... it's just adorable! And practical as it has an infuser insert. Definitely practical (as are my other ten teapots...).

Again, clearly, my mom and gramma know me well. And read my blog, so: Thank you mom! Thank you gramma! I really appreciate it! They're perfectly cute together, even if you didn't plan it that way!

Even better, I had already placed this little vase (a vintage piece handed down to me from my great-grandma through my mom - my aunt exclaimed over it, remembering it from my mom's childhood bedroom) in this corner of my shelf to match the wreath on the wall... and it all just came together so nicely! It makes me smile and think of spring.
I guess with all this mention of collections, it's really time for an update on them. It hasn't been so very long since my teapot post (there are three new additions since) but I've never really posted anything official on my faceless angels (this is the closest I could find). Add that to my "to-blog" list!

Have a great week - only four more to go before our big trip out West!

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Angie said...

Very cute figurine :)