Monday, April 8, 2013

Around the House

Or around the apartment, if you want to get technical.

Pat and I spent the weekend organizing. We pulled out over half the stuff we had in our storage bin and repacked everything more neatly. We emptied over six boxes of old clothes and two of shoes into a clothing donation bin. We have a huge box of cardboard to recycle and another few boxes of things to donate and throw out. There are a few last things to find places for and a few more pictures to hang, but it's coming along really nicely.

Can you tell we have company coming over next weekend? I have family that will be visiting which is great motivation to finish up some of the last few things we've been meaning to do to finally settle into our new place. It has been six months and all.

Anyway, we put up a shelf in the spare room... yes, another piece of furniture in that little room. This one really helped though and doesn't make the room feel smaller. It's holding all of my supplies that aren't on my desk and then some. I didn't think I'd like it - it's just an industrial looking black metal shelf that we used to have in storage in Hamilton. It doesn't fit in our storage space here though... so into our office it went. Now that it's up, I really like it. It doesn't take up that much room and holds a lot of stuff while still letting light shine into the room. Works for me.
  Now I just need to finish organizing the rest of that stuff on the floor...

Pat also got around to hanging a few things. We don't have much wall space with all the windows and much of that is concrete. We're trying to make the most of it though - I think this mirror looks great here:

Honest photo:
Ha! We still have a few piles to cart out of here! One or two loads and we're done though. I'm looking forward to seeing how big this space really is!

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Deana Mattos said...

Coming along and looking good. I recognize a cool little recycle painting. :)