Thursday, April 25, 2013

My Creative Space: Background in Progress

On Monday, I said I was going to add some paint to this background:
Well, I did and had so much fun getting my fingers messy!

I've been a bit all over the place in my creative space this week - stitching on my spring sampler, working on two or three different pieces and in several art books, updating my Smash* - but I'll keep it simple today and just show you what I did with this paint:
I love using a piece of freezer paper as a palette: the plasticky side is perfect for holding wet paint without absorbing it. I used my fingers to mix the paint directly on the paper (along with a bit of glazing medium for transparency) before smearing it onto my collage.

I deliberately used warm colours for this piece, pulling them from the original collage, because I tend to go the other way with most of my pieces. I love calming, cool colours, but warm shades are especially fun for summer. So I challenged myself to use a warmer palette when I started the collage and continued with this second layer (from left to right, or back to front: naphthol red light, burnt sienna, red oxide, raw sienna, Indian yellow hue, hansa yellow medium, titan buff).
I added a bit of iridescent copper light (fine) at the end for a bit of shine. Now I think I'll break out my Sharpies and doodle pens to add a bit - or a lot - more texture. Some stencils and stamps might be in order too...

Once I came to a happy place with that piece, there was still a bit of leftover paint on my palette... so I pressed that into my altered Amber book:
OK, now I want to work on this spread.... that's the only problem with having multiple projects on the go: I want to work on all of them at the same time!

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Angie said...

Love all the warm colours!! I still can't bring myself to dip my fingers in my paint lol