Thursday, April 4, 2013

My Creative Space: A Little of This, A Bit of That

I've been a little all over the place this week, trying to work on everything at once.

First of all, the kit for my spring sampler came in but I've only just started on the first week... well, the first square of the first week:

Tuesday was an excellent mail day - not only did that kit come in, but two other packages of supplies arrived too! One was my order from Scarlet Lime and the other was my free kit from Scarlet Lime (for signing up to Christy Tomlinson's three spring workshops). And what are the odds? She sent me the same rub-ons and coffee filters that I picked out for myself! Good thing I love the patterns and will be using them a lot. She also sent a flat rubber stamp (arrows) whereas I picked out the roller stamp (arrows). Clearly, our tastes are very similar!
I also picked up two stencils (doily and triangles) and a doodle pen (ballpoint that won't clog if I use it on wet media). The third stencil (Celtic cross of sorts), washi tape and gelato were part of my free kit. Fun stuff!

I haven't put much of these to use yet, but I did add the washi tape to this collage in my Art of Spring journal (I showed you the background Tuesday):
This spread needs a few more steps before it's finished. I want to add a quote to the blank space and a lot more texture (possibly using my new stamps and rub-ons!) to mesh the collage overlay with the background.

I also used the doodle pen and gelato on the other spread I showed you Tuesday:
I could see a border in the background, so I doodled that in and added some journaling in the frame. Then I used the metallic melon Faber-Castell gelato to highlight the inside of the frame. Can I just take a minute to rave about this new (to me) supply? I will definitely be investing in a whole slew of gelatos because I loved it! The consistency is like a cream blush, in a little stick that's so easy to apply and blend - and this one is metallic, so it has a gorgeous shimmer to it too. I know they're water-soluble as well, so the possibilities are endless!

I wasn't sure what I wanted to add into the frame once I'd finished it, but the "laugh" I highlighted from the background sealed the deal. I started by sketching in two girls with their arms around their shoulders using a watercolour pencil (my new favourite tool to use for sketching onto a piece that I'll be adding paint onto) and then I blocked them in with gesso. Next, I just have to paint them in to finish the spread.

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