Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Smash* Book Update

I've been meaning to post an update on my Smash* book for a while now - especially since I pretty much filled my orange one and have started on a black one. I'll post about the orange one later, but for now, here's the start of my second Smash*.

Since it took around a year to fill the first book, I'm aiming for the same for this one. As it so happens, I found a calendar when flipping through the pages, so that seemed sort of serendipitous. The first thing I did was add a tab to that page (using recycled shipping paper glued onto cardboard) so that I could easily find it and update it:

I'm also going to try to go in order a bit more instead of skipping around throughout the book - I don't always remember to write dates, so it'll be easier to follow this way. It just makes more sense in my head (although sometimes a patterned page later on fits so well with something I want to glue down now... makes for a hard decision).

Anyway, I decided to make my first spread as a sort of introduction to the year:
I really like how "put together" these pages look. I spent a bit more time on the composition and it shows. I won't always put that much thought into the page (this is meant to be a place to just smash things into), but I will try to a bit more often. It makes for a more visually interesting book.

My second page is a record of the play Pat and I went to see for Valentine's Day:
I love how the Smash* books are perfect for this type of journaling.

I only just started on this third spread mid-March - as it touches on Pat's grandma being sick before her passing, the second half of the spread will be dedicated to her:
I was reading Stephen King and was struck by this quote. It seemed appropriate as Pat was away for the weekend.... if only I had known it was a premonition of more to come...

Lastly, the fourth spread has become a bit of a catch-all of randomness. It started with the doily I used as a stencil and then doodling pad. Then I added the fruit stickers and intend on adding more (when I think of keeping them). Fun, random.

I have quite a bit more updating to do in my Smash* book - and I need to get on it before our busy month of May!


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