Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spring Palette 2013

It's certainly starting to feel like spring around here! We've been alternating between rain for a few days, then bright, warm sun (with a sprinkling of freezing rain for good measure - it is still only April). I've been "preparing" for the season with my Spring Sampler cross-stitch and the Art of Spring workshop and have been thinking a lot about the colours that represent spring. I thought it was high time to get on my spring palette!

For 2013, the Pantone colour of the year is emerald, a very pretty blue-green teal. The other Pantone colours of the year include a juicy apple green, a luscious linen and zesty yellow. Here they all are in Patone's gorgeous graphic:

After browsing these and the trends on Colour Lovers, I decided to make two palettes for this spring - a pastel one and a bright one. There are just too many good colours to narrow it down more! I started with the pastels, including some linen, lilac and soft orange:
This might be one of my favourite palettes yet! The tones are so lovely and calming, even with the orange in there. Gray is still my go-to neutral; I just love it with everything! Although, I must say, that linen is a great neutral for the warmer months. I'll certainly be including it a lot of it in my summer wardrobe.

Next, I had to use some of the beautiful bright spring colours out there. I started with an emerald green but opted for a less blue version than Pantone. This green reminds me of a lush forest. I also chose a bright celery/chartreuse, a colour I've been loving this spring. It makes a great alternative to bright yellow.
You can see more of my seasonal palettes here.

What colours are you gravitating towards this season?

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