Monday, April 22, 2013

Change of Plans

I had another amazing weekend!

Saturday, Pat and I drove to Vaughan Mills to meet up with my younger brother John and his girlfriend Emilie for some shopping and lunch. The original plan had been for them to drive back that evening - instead, we convinced them to stay the night. I'm so glad they did! We did a bit more shopping (at Target and IKEA, two store that aren't found up North yet), ordered in Thai food and then spent the evening in the games room downstairs. Anyone in our building can use this room - equipped with a big TV, a pool table and a foosball table - but it's usually empty. We played the whole night - it was SO much fun!

They left Sunday morning and we took the subway downtown to meet some friends for the Blue Jays game. And what a game!!! Toronto beat the Yankees!!!

All in all, it was a very fun-filled weekend. This morning, I was going to post some photos of a few things I picked up at the mall... but after shooting them, I had to move this piece aside to get to my laptop:
And now I don't feel like going through and editing any photos, I need to work on this!

I started this piece at the end of the She Art 3 workshop. It's a simple collage using layers of scrapbooking, tissue (including a vintage sewing pattern) and handmade papers (inspired by and using the paper from this paper coordinates). Now I'm going to add some paint!

Have a great week everyone!

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